Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fluid Effects - Fire and Smoke with Particle Sparks


I made some fire and smoke using a digital tutors tutorial. A 2D fluid container was used for both. Overall I learned a lot and am happy with the results. I didn't pay much attention to the render details since my goal was to just learn about fluids. The tutorial also covered Maya Particles. So I learned how to make some sparks as well. The background was provided by the tutorial.


The fire is density driven. Density driven fire means that I'm not actually using the fluid fuel to generate Maya fire (and incandescence). Instead I'm using the shader attributes to modify the fluid color based on the density of the fluid. Combined with the opacity graph you could make very convincing fire. Finally uniform field can really make the fire look as if it's being blown violently by the wind.


The smoke is done in a similar manner but the density gradient force is positive instead of negative. Fire naturally appears to repel itself but smoke kinda clumps together. So it makes sense for the gradient force for smoke to be positive. Also turbulence and turbulence details go a long way.

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