Monday, September 23, 2013


 UDK Explosion

Explosion! Bandicam likes to saturate colors

Textures - More

The textures I used could be seen in my previous post as well as more information on their creation. I used the red channel to save the temperature information, green for density, blue for the unmated alpha's, and the alpha channel for a dark to light radial filled "heat".
The combined texture ended up looking like this but with the above heat used in the alpha channel. The P-Mask created can be seen below.
Combined Texture (P-Mask) - What a mess


The shader was pretty large with around 50 instructions being done in the pixel shader but could be broken down into four portions Temperature, Density, Heat, and Opacity. Each portion primarily uses the channel in the texture provided for it with the opacity also taking advantage of the density channel. Macro-UVs were also used in the density and temperature in order to give off a little bit of that varying detail you can see when the explosion is slowed down.

Particle Animation

The explosion animation has five parts. Three are explosions happening in different directions with slightly different colors to give a little bit of variation and growth. I used a Dynamic Parameter with a uniform value in each of the explosion portions to give the shader even more variations in temperature, density, etc.

It also includes little flying chunks given an initial velocity and a negative velocity over time. The same method was used on the sparks however the sparks grow in the direction of their velocity. Also the sparks use a dynamically generated texture created in its own shader.

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