Friday, January 3, 2014

Demo Reel 2013

Demo Reel 2013

What have I been up to?

This reel has a compilation of everything I've done for about the last year that I wanted to show off. It has two different games that I worked on along with some random effects I worked on both real time and pre rendered. And in case you are wondering the music is Jelly Castle (Orchestral Mix) by MDK available free from creative commons.

Audio Wave

This is a game me and my friend Evan Li worked on for our game design class. He did all the game play programming while I worked on the effects and artwork. It's a music based game where you have to click the hexagons in rhythm to the music. Originally the mesh moved much like dropping something into water. but after some playing around it didn't really have the right look or feel. So instead I opted to use the normal information provided originally to sample a ramp texture.

Rule the Tides

This is what I worked on for my last and final semester at The Entertainment Technology Center. I had to split my time between doing game play and UI programming as well as doing effects. The VFX had to be optimized to work on Ipad so instead of using fancy shaders to do the work dynamically I prototyped most of the materials in UDK or Maya then used Maya, After Effects, and Photoshop to create flip books. I had a lot less dynamic variation this way but since most of the effects took place far away color blocking was more important than fine detail.

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